Star Guardians Ahri – Accessories

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Weight includes packing and protection. Please see the product description for the actual weight of the prop.

Props will be shipped within 5 working days

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Poids 150 g

Full Pack, Head Pack, Torso and Legs Pack


ABS, ABS w/ Acetone Smoothing, PLA


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Set of accessories for LEAGUE OF LEGENDS (Star Guardians). Perfectly suited for Ahri cosplay or for magical girls.

This set includes:
– Star that is a part of the choker
– Tiara
– 3 hair clips (small size on the left side, medium size on the right side and medium size on the back of the hair) ==> You can glue hair clips or tongs to the base to attach them to your wige, or use an elastic band depending on your liking.
– Arms Stars
– Thighs Stars
– Chest Stars

You can either buy the full pack at a reduced price or order separate parts.

3D design by Ainlina, printing by Valentin (Printed on a Prusa MK3s in white PLA).

Prints can be either glued directly on the costume, or with velcros or magnets.

Weight of the props:
Chest Star: 13g
Pendant Star: 3g
Thigh Star: 3g
Arm Star: 3g
Back Hairclip: 10g
Right Hairclip: 12g
Foot Star: 17g
Tiara: 22g

Props will be shipped within 5 working days


League of Legends




Our 3D prints are sold raw, you will just need to add your personal touch by painting them in harmony with the other colours on your cosplays.
Given that there is no finish, layer lines can be visible on some places of the prints. As such, we recommend you to:
– Sand the prints to reduce the layering and help the primer adhere
– Use filler and primer to fill the remaining gaps between layers and have a product ready to paint
– Paint with the colour you want.

Prints can be either glued directly on the costume, or with velcros or magnets.

WARNING: do not leave prints directly under sunlight or any kind of strong heat source (over 45°C). PLA can melt at high temperatures.