Examples of commissions we made for customers :

Commissions information ⬇️

⌛ Commission will be delivered within 5 to 8 weeks. For express commission, please check the terms of service below.

🖼️ Reference pictures are needed. Please provide at least 2 reference pictures when contacting us for commission.

⚠️ Reading all the terms below will answer to most of your questions. You will also find a princing table with all starting prices for the kind of props you need. ⬇️


Terms of Service

Commissions are for personal use only. Additional fees will be required for commercial use.

Clear references are compulsory for me to start a commission. At least 2 images are required for your commission request. Please keep in mind, the more accurate and plentiful references are, the better the quality of your commission will be.

Processing time depends on our schedules and complexity of the prop. 1 or 2 months is generally required to fulfill a commission.

I will keep you updated during the designing, printing and painting process.You might be contacted during the commission for more informations.

During the designing process, you can ask for 2 small revisions or 1 large revision before printing. Any further revision will require additionnal fees.

Your commission may be made available on our shop to be purchased by other customers. You will have an exclusivity right for 2 months after delivery before the Printed Kit / 3D Model is added. This does not apply to custom designs.

I reserve the right to refuse a commission without specifying the cause.


Payment will be in Euro (€) and done through a Paypal invoice by shop@ainlina.com

Payment can be split up to 4 installments.

A 50% deposit is required before the start of the commission. Full payment is required before physical or digital delivery

Shipping is not included in the invoice and will depend on the props weight and dimensions. Shipping costs will be calculated with the final payment.

For express order, additionnal fess will be applied, following this:

  • Less than 4 weeks: +50% of the base price
  • Less than 3 weeks: +100% of the base price

If you want to cancel your order, you will be refunded following these rules:

  • If I haven’t started working yet: you will be refunded 100%
  • If I have started working on the commission, you will be refunded up to 50%
  • If the commission is finished, you will be refunded up to 25%



All prices below are starting prices. Depending of the size and complexity of the props you want, it will be adjusted during the quotation. It means these price are the minimum amount required in most cases.






Dagger / Knife

50 € +

90 € +

250 € +


75€ +

200 € +

450€ +


75€ +

300€ +

600€ +

Fictional gun

150€ +

250€ +

500€ +

Spears and staff

75€ +

200 € +

450€ +


50 € +

90 € +

200 € +

Crowns and tiaras

50 € +

90 € +

200 € +

Full Accessory sets

75€ +

150€ +

300€ +

Broochs / little decorations

30€ +

50€ +


Printing Commissions Only

You must send us the 3D Model before the quotation. The purchase of the 3D Model if needed is up to you and the model will belong to you.

We are not responsible for the model quality. If there are issues during the printing process due to the model, we can not be held responsible for it nor can we edit the model to fix.

We can do a review of the model before the quotation to determine feasibility and potiental quality of print.

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