Founder / Cosplayer

Cosplayer and 3D Designer for all the props that we sell on our website. Sharing her passion and enthusiasm for cosplay, 3D and pop culture on Youtube and Twitch.

Founder / Photographer

Internationaly awarded and published photographers as well as person in charge of all printers and technical side

Our story

We launched Ainlina Props in 2020 with the idea to help our best the cosplay community and to promote craftmanship. We are a french couple enjoying making things and sharing with people our love for crafting and cosplay. After months of trying props for ourselves, we realized it would be helpful to offer 3D kits to cosplayers. We started with a little community in France and extended our shop to Europe and then world wide ! We now also provide workshops and tutorials all over Europe in cons inviting us.

Our wish is to inspire you with our products and help you in the process of crafting or upgrading your cosplays !

What we can do for you

Our products

We make 3D printed kits for cosplayers using PLA (plastic). They are light and hard, perfect for multiple uses. All kits are designed with care to provide you high quality props.

The 3D models are all designed with love by Ainlina and are provided with a detailed instruction file. All parts are already oriented for printing. The models are tested beforehand to be sure it fits perfectly and will look great for your cosplays.

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See our products in use !

To see the care we put into each kits, let me show them to you in action.

We have paid attention to detail, quality and construction for each product because we want them to be as incredible as your cosplay.

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