Our work for companies

Cons attended as guests / panelists:


  • Art to Play 2021 (France)
  • Game in Reims 2021 (France)
  • FACTS 2022 (Belgium)
  • Japan Impacts 2023 (Switzerland)

Companies we worked for:

  • Hoyoverse : Genshin Impact : official cosplayer at Japan Expo 2022
  • Hoyoverse : Honkai Impact : official photographer at Japan Expo 2022
  • Hoyoverse : Genshin Impact : official content creator for the Hoyoquiz and exhibition of the Song of Broken Pines at the Paris Exhibition


As a duo, Ainlina Props offers workshops and panels based on 3D printing, cosplay and photography, as well as handling a booth helping attendees discover Cosplay and 3D Printing for all ages

As a cosplayer, Ainlina can judge cosplay competitions, be a cosplay model, animate panels on being a cosplayer and cosplay history and do workshops on 3D modelling

As a photographer, Valentin can judge cosplay photo contests, manage a photo booth, take pictures of cosplay competition contestants, animate workshops on cosplay photography, create a cosplay photography exhibition

We have available panels and workshops regarding 3D printing and lcosplay photography. We can create new panels especially for you and your wishes.


Our clients