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Cosplay Photographer since 2013

Valentin started cosplay photography at Japan Expo and did not stop afterwards. 

Since then, he’s been to multiple countries and conventions to reach out more cosplayers and discover the different ways cosplay is enjoyed in the world. 

He’s now organising events around cosplay photography with photo contests, exhibitions, workshops and masterclass. 

As a Mechanical and Aerospace Engineer, Valentin has a strong background in 3D printing, having started with the Mendel i2 and now managing 8 printers to deliver high quality prints for everyone

Past Achievements

  • Official Photographer of the ECG (European Cosplay Gathering) since 2018
  • 2nd place at Polymanga Cosplay Photo Contest and Phocus Online Contest
  • Organiser of the Cosxpo (UK) Photo Competition with Godox 
  • Guest at conventions (Clermont Geek Convention, FACTS, Game in Reims)


Photography of cosplay contest and cosplay guests 

Cosplay Photo Exhibition

Workshops and Masterclasses on cosplay photography with Ainlina

Photo booth for cosplay attendees

3D Printing Workshops for beginners and advanced levels