Frieren dress | Digital Pattern


    Digital pattern to make Frieren’s dress from Sousou no Frieren, one-size (mine). Please note that this is one size only so it’s not graded.

    The file included : a PDF to print the full pattern (dress + cape), one size, without detailed instructions except how to print it.

    Materials I used to make the dress :
    – 3m of white velvet
    – 1m of gold satin (it would be easier to use pleather)
    – 3m of white cotton for the lining (no obligation to line your costume, I did it because my velvet was a bit see-through)
    – 50cm of a jersey fabric with black and white stripes
    – 5 red buttons
    – Interfacing

    You can replace the gold fabric by gold ornament for instance.

    Frieren dress | Digital Pattern