Song of Broken Pines | Genshin Impact 3D print

150,00 180,00 

3D printed kit for The Song of Broken Pines claymore for your Eula (or other character) cosplay from Genshin Impact

Modeled and printed by Ainlina Props.

The kit is separated by color so it’s easier to sand and paint. All models are tested beforehand.

You will need to glue them together in order to fix the parts together. You can use cyano acrylate glue for instance. All these parts are easy to glue as they fit one in another (but it won’t stay stuck if you don’t glue it).

The kit comes in 15 pieces plus blocks to help glueing it. You will need a PVC (or wood) pipe 2cm diameter. The sword is around 140cm long once it’s assemble.

You can choose between 2 kind of printing :
– with regular printers : the blade will be in 6 parts, and the sending box is a regular one.
– with a CR30 printer : the blade will be in 2 parts, and the sending box is a long one.