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While we are designing every model we sell on our shop, we also use models created by the 3D Printing Community.
Here is a list of models we found useful, either for cosplay, crafting, calibrating your 3D Printer or displaying your props !

Last update: 15/04/2024


Calibrating your 3D Printer

3D Benchy by CreativeTools

The staple of 3D Printing calibration, this benchy will allow you to quickly troubleshoot any issue with your printer and check the quality of your prints on several topics.

There is a dedicated website as well to see the most important points to check for your Benchy:

All in One 3D Printer Test by Gabbox3D

A step above the Benchy, this print will test every critical aspect of 3D printing: bridging, levelling, stringing, overhangs performance, cooling and small features

Get the model here


Sanding Block by PointNemo

With these sanding blocks, no need to go to your hardware store anymore, they’re perfect to have a flat surface to sand your props with !

Get the model here

Hot Glue Gun Stand by Tommy Zero

If you’re just like us and your Glue Guns have seen a lot and have lost their front foot (or don’t have one), then this model is perfect to avoid any unnecessary burns

Get the model here


Spool Holders

Those holders are nice to keep all your spools available quickly, with 2 different models depending on the spool size !

Small Spool Holder by ftoerring
Large Spool Holder by ftoerring

Filament Spool Holder

Same as the thread spool holders above, but for something slightly bigger ! It’s perfect when you frequently use different colors to stock them neatly, plus those holders are quite sturdy.

Get the model here

Mount Collection

These 2 mount and box collections will help you put all kinds of tools and accessories on your Skadis !

Skadis Mount Collection by Printuin
Skadis Box Collection by Carlo

Conventions and Exhibitions

Foldable and Stackable Crate by @hugo

We use those in conventions to sort out the products that we sell, they’re great and really convenient to stock when not in use ! 
PETG is recommended for better durability

Get the model here