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Last update: 15/04/2024

We are using a lot of products for our 3D Printed Shop, and we found it interesting to gather them for you here !
This page will be updated frequently whenever we are using something new !

Most of the products that we are using can be directly acquired on Amazon France through this list:

Below we will be making a list that will work for more countries and explaining shortly how we use them or why we recommend them.

Please note that these links are affiliate links. By using them, you are supporting us creating more resources for you !

Filament and Resin

Sunlu PLA+

We recommend PLA+ at the very least for all cosplay Props for the added strength and heat resistance. Sunlu has a great price and many colours available for their PLA+ line !

Buy it here

Sunlu ABS-Like and tough resin

Sunlu’s resin provide some of the best strength to price ratio we’ve seen so far for the ABS-Like and Tough Resin.

The ABS-Like is the one we use the most, the Tough Resin is even better when you need that extra strengh but is more costly.

Sunlu ABS-Like Resin & Sunlu Tough Resin

Adhesives and Fasteners

Cyanoacrylate glue

Cyanoacrylate glue has a strong bond and sets quickly and the glue has a long shelf lifetime when opened.

The only drawback is poor flexibility once set, so take that in mind when applying it.

Buy it here

Finishing & Polishing

Motip Spray putty

This spray putty is one of the easiest to use for a first pass to fill in a lot of the layer lines without spending hours of sanding.

You might find cheaper versions in your local hardware store so check them out as well !

Buy it here

Filler putty

Automotive filler puttys are the best to fill manually the imperfections on your prints. This one part version is good for easy application and quick drying.

You can also find 2 parts filler that will often be cheaper but mixing can be a bit messier.

Buy it here

Cheaper Alternative


Desktop spray booth

We’ve all known the pain of not being able to paint outside because it was too cold or rainy. With this, you just need to crack open the window, let out the exhaust tube and turn on the fans to paint inside !

We recommend getting the biggest size available as they help mitigate any kind of overspray that could happen, especially with spray cans.

Buy it here


WD-40 Lithium Grease

Lithium grease is useful to lubricate bearings and rods on your 3D printers or in general any moving parts. This spray format is useful for an even application

Buy it here