Genshin Impact Chiori’s swords | 3D Printed Kit


3D printed kit for Chiori’s swords from Genshin Impact. The kit includes 2 swords.
Modeled and printed by Ainlina

You will need a 5mm steel rod as a core for each sword. There are multiples parts to assemble so it’s easier to paint for you, we separated as shown in the pictures. The final lenght is around 87cm.You will need to glue the parts together.

We print the blade in 1 piece, this way you won’t have to work on the joint of the different parts. It will save you a lot of time and there won’t be any separation lines on the sword, for a better final look.



2 Genshin Impact-inspired 3D printed sword replicas for Shiori, meticulously crafted with intricate details, ideal for cosplay and gaming enthusiasts. Comparison of the 3D printed props and the 3D model files
Genshin Impact Chiori’s swords | 3D Printed Kit